Self Defense Training

Posted: June 28, 2010 in The Budo..

Are you looking for self defense training that will teach you how to defend against and survive a sudden attack? Well, you’re not alone!

In fact, the likelihood of an attack coming on suddenly and without any warning is far greater than one that gives you time to prepare. Let’s face it – criminal attackers are very good at what they do. Regardless of whether they’re young punks who are out “having fun” with their friends, or the more serious types looking to beat, break, or kill you for your money, car, or in the case of women – your body – it’s just not in the attacker’s best interest to give you a lot of warning before they make their move.

Here are 3 self defense tips to add to your self defense training that will greatly increase your chances of escaping and surviving a sudden attack:

  • 1. Train your body to “instinctively” and automatically go to a defensive position that will work to simultaneously control the distance, remove your vulnerable targets, and get your limbs between you and your attacker for shielding.
  • 2. Practice stress-response drills that will reduce the natural time-lag that exists between stimulus and your brain recognizing the threat and need for action to deal with it. These self defense training drills act to condition the body to the adrenal response commonly known as “fight or flight.”
  • 3. Condition yourself to stress-inducing experiences in order to learn to relax and focus under pressure. You cannot do something under pressure that is not within your natural make-up. In other words… You will act as you have trained! Just thinking about it, reading books, or watching videos is absolutely useless in a real self defense situation because you are trying to use one part of your brain to do something that comes from a very different part.

Never Forget The Most Important Self Defense Tip Of All:

If your self defense training does not account for and address what you will “feel,” “experience,” and “find” inside of a real situation, including defending yourself against sudden attacks, you may find that all of the time, effort, and money spent on training will have been for nothing!

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