Posted: December 1, 2009 in the immortal of conscience

Rainy day, cloudly atmosphere, and cold… but, when it all happened in december, always make me warm.
December is my month. The month where I was born, the month that always covering me.
When it come again, the sound of december always playing in my head and down to my heart.
Full of spiritual emotion that I feel. Like no one can ever understand why December is so pricefull for me.

I don’t care about the rain, I don’t care about the cloud… The brighter days always in December.
I don’t care about too much holiday that usually come in december, Chrismast or New Year…
I don’t even care if this is a last month of the year.
I just care about December…

When I wake up in this morning, and I hear that sound again.
It’s so wonderful melody, pump my blood more aflame.
The rhapsody river in my vena will flow trough all my body.
Wonderful december…


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