My Gothic’s Perseption

Posted: November 23, 2009 in the immortal of conscience

I just not the same with the other…
you feel this life, really enjoying your life, and love your life very much…
but most of you doesn’t think about the death, you are fear about the death.
Hedonist and euphoria are your life style… you always acting like sanguinis.
You just want to see your life bright, dont respect about the dark side…
you don’t care about minority, in your head.. always trend and capitalism is your God.
Can’t you ever feel the poor ones when you eat with expensive meal ?

I always feel alone, feel gloomy with the sorrow that I can feel but I can explain..
I can feel the pain in your happy eyes, although you have been decliced by your smile.

Trust me, this is not mean I don’t like social life…
I am just feel like a weirdo with no name…
Happy to see everyone smile…
although I can feel the sorrow burning my soul.


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