Dying Destiny

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Death end story

We have been standing here for a long time.
Only eyes to eyes without conversation.
At east.. I move my right hand to my sword,
and I see the stars in the corner of your eyes.
I give you my smile but you still have a straight face.
I step back my left feet to release my sword,
but.. like a light of thunder.. I can’t read the direction of your sword,
it’s too fast….

I just feel a cold like a virgin ice in my neck,
and slowly it’s turn to hot with my blood.

I can’t understand why my feet is too weight,
and my hand can not move as fast as before.
But it’s all too late now..
I feel my head separate from my body… down to my feet.

In the corner of my dying eyes..
I still can see the smile of your face.


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