Posted: November 7, 2009 in the immortal of conscience

We have been dead but do not have any grave, by the violance disturbing of the fresh air at the night breath. We are dead but the body still exist without any ego and friendly social destruction.
The human life has been destroyed becouse too much hate and empty place of love has been abandoned. This gloomy soul can not touch your smile anymore. Release the lonelyness to the air of silent night. See you are growing day by day but I couldn’t share any time and any place in my heart with you anymore. The frozen breath make more darkness place in my head, and I still thinking about you forever and a day. Many time I scream without sound. The blackest side of me will not be gone. May be you are kind of mysterious child of me as we though that we are take a little of each other to everywhere. Their colaboration are separate us apart, we know that we don’t want and really hate this happened to us. When will we meet again is one big question…..

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