Wish I had an Angel

Posted: November 2, 2009 in the immortal of conscience

gothic-angel (1) (1) (1)

Not the beautifull angel nor the perfect one, because I am not a perfect human too.
The angel that can make my oddisey full of beautiful melodies nor the perfect one.
Because there is no perfectly melodies that I ever hear.
She can share her passionate to my journey, the magnificent passionate nor the hottest one.
Cause she is not the bitch that you can see over the cheerful road nor kind a whore that give only the pleasure one.

As a bad humanity that I have, I half a human and half a devil.
Trully dominate by the devil one, the other side of me that make me survive in this evil world.
Until now, the human side always thirsty for the fight of freedom, nor the fully of freedom.
Because of this, I need an Angel to walking trought the God’s rule of life as my casemate from the evil one.

We will walk throught the pain, and all the crowded place.. until come to the place that called heaven.

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